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Is anybody else's upcoming earnings wildly out of sync?

Mine says $896 at the moment.

I have counted all of the gigs in my queue, and it only adds up to about $750.

I have zero gigs where clients have yet to submit the information, so I have, from what I can tell, counted every single gig in my queue. (plus the ones which have been delivered but not marked as complete yet)

I can’t for the life of me working out where that $146 is.

Is anybody else having this issue? It has been like this for about three weeks now, and customer support tells me it is accurate.

Yes I just checked mine and it should be $272 and it is $304. I’ve always seen this discrepancy and long ago gave up on it.

I’ve delivered all orders so I just added up delivered orders to get $272. It looks like some delivered orders or maybe all of them actually take 4 days to move in the pending clearance list. I put the date and time on all orders I deliver and they definitely take more than 3 days.

Well, I’m actually seeing less than I should have… I think. To be honest, though this really drives me nuts about Fiverr. When I first started on here I had to take some time off suddenly due to a real world work opportunity. I checked back in a few weeks later and saw that I had $590 available to withdraw with $20 something still pending clearance. In this case, I decided to wait until everything was cleared to withdraw my funds only to log back in a week later to see just $560 available with no further funds pending clearance.

Since then I have tried to keep on track of my earnings and any discrepancies but Fiverr just makes it so needlessly confusing, especially when they split orders up and clear different bits separately.

On other sites I work on a job is marked as complete and within 24 hours funds minus commission are available to withdraw via Escrow. Simple. Here I think they say they hold funds to prevent fraud but at the same time, this is the only place where I have ended up working for free due to buyers canceling orders after delivery.

Don’t get me wrong. Love Fiverr but the payment/funds clearing malarky really does drive me up the wall.

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The upcoming earnings can be screwed up by having unfinished (i.e. the buyer orders but never completes with information) gigs in the queue. The whole revenues page is a bit of a car crash at the best of times anyway…

I don’t have any of those. My gigs don’t ask for information now. I was having far too many people try to send the information via message and never ‘activating’ the gig, then complaining that things were late.

Mine too, but I give it a day or two and it gets back on track. I don’t know what’s causing the delay though.