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Is anybody having weird impressions?

I haven’t had an order in like…6 days (and yes, I am still having cancellations from people who do not bother to read my gig and refusing mutual cancellation)

But, anyway.

Has anybody else had weird impressions?

On the 25th March, I had over 3,000 impressions on my gig. Other days, I get 40-50.

It is really odd.

Did something special happen on the 25th March?

(as a side note, a customer is asking me to break the ToS of Fiverr by asking me to email articles to him free of charge or he will leave negative feedback on another order he has. I have zero idea how that isn’t against the ToS but, alas, Fiverr support didn’t do anything)

Man, you always seem to get the worst buyers in the world!

Take a screenshot and show it to customer support. (well, you’ve probably already done that)

Can’t you just cancel the other order your buyer has? If not just collect gathering evidence and send to CS but don’t risk your integrity by doing what your buyer wants.

What happens when you charge low prices.

That isn’t the issue really. I have closed down my Fiverr gig because I just scored a huge contract away from the site. Just was miffed as to why impressions were sky high one day. I doubt I became featured or anything.

Ah well!

He cancelled the order for late delivery now (i.e. the one I refused to deliver via email. He wanted free articles thrown in). Spent too long discussing it. Can’t have the feedback removed, but he is now ‘under investigation’.

I noticed a BIG decline too. I chalked it up to the new packages but I wonder if it’s something else.

It’s the packages. Search won’t pick them up so anyone using them is out basically not in the searches.

They must put the packages gigs in one day occasionally on top then the search engine spits them out back to the bottom of the pile.

Since I activated packages, I have had more sales from new customers than in weeks.

3 today. Normally, I was average 3 a week.

Really! Do you know if your gigs are in better positions?

I haven’t checked. Impressions haven’t changed though. Hovers around 100 impressions a day and 40 clicks. The only anomaly was the one from last week and that was before I updated the gig packages.

I’m getting about 3 orders a week where I was getting 3-10 a day. Even with a small 10.00 package. My impressions dropped and clicks too. I must be doing something terribly wrong all of a sudden.

It’s most likely dropped out of the search. I’m thinking the fiverr search engine can’t index them.

Is the influx of new clients still continuing for you Ryan?
They put a new package gig on the front page briefly so that could explain it possibly.

Packages work for some people and don’t work for some people, there’s no way to tell. I’m going to wait till things become clearer.

Nope. Zero orders today.

Yep, I no longer come up in the search. It’s really sad.

The search engine can’t pick up package gigs. It looks for content.

Cancelled it for late delivery? Dont let them do that next time. YOU cancel the order. And keep cancelling it and cancelling it each time they un-cancel it. Screw them.

I dont know but I’m seriously about to close up shop here. The inconsistency is causing several life problems. One week im swamped with work , and next there is nothing for 2 weeks and im looking at moving. What bugs me most is that I’m offering gigs that are so much better than others in my niche but I just dont have any exposure. Its so annoying to see some really terrible gigs come before mine in the search. I’m not sure if people are just buying up the crappy cheap video gigs because they are also cheap clients… or what! It makes no sense though… people that buy crap videos for their business will get crap results… thats for sure.

As far as packages go - none of my package gigs are doing diddly squat. It feels very broken. (Not surprised at all!)