Is anybody successfully lowering how many words they write to make the income better?


I’m guessing that this is not a problem for some people who have lower outgoings and overheads but for me, I sometimes find that writing around 500 words for $4 (and after research has been done) can take up to an hour. Even though subsequent orders in the same niche are easier, I’ve always had an an ambition to make a UK based full time income from writing, so being able to write at least 4 or 5 an hour, with ease each hour would be my aim.

Yes I can write quick articles but I prefer to do proper research and do a good job, as that’s just how I am, so has anybody dropped their word count (i.e. writing just 100 or 200 words for $4?)

My gut reaction is the orders would simply drop to almost zero if I did this, apart from a few loyal customers.



Not really, no. 100-200 words takes about 10-15 minutes but, really buyers on Fiverr aren’t dumb. They could find a writer who can do more detailed work with 500 words.

Really, if you see one gig saying I’ll write 200 words against another gig that says I’ll write 500 words. Odds are that they’re going to go with the one with more words. Because plain and simple. The number of words instantly implies it’ll probably be more detailed.

I mean, your rating will be the same if you edit the gig from 500 words to 200, but more people will figure out they could get something better for $5.

That’s my opinion, though.


Yeah, totally agree, guess thats just the state of the industry. Shame.


I think 400 is maybe the lowest that you can go for an “article.” This is just my random opinion. 100-200 words is not that long for a meaningful article. The quality matters too. If the 500 word article writer just doesn’t have the proper skill, it’s obviously not gonna be automatically better…I think I’m stating the obvious though.


Yeah, I agree also, I was just really touching on a “wish” that we could earn more for the same amount of words.


I offer 2 x 500 words for $5 and I am a British Writer. I haven’t managed to successfully lower the word count (although I could if I wanted to), but I do earn more than those that have 500 word gigs as the majority of the orders I get are for 24 hour delivery, and that means I earn $25 for 1,500 words :slight_smile: I don’t wish to lower as it is sort of a loss-leader. Once people know the quality they get they come back for more and pay more per word. In addition to this, I would say about 20% of people tip $10 or more per gig, again, that helps. It kills me to write this much, but I always strive for quality.

I’m sorry if this breaks the market for writing on Fiverr, it is just by offering 1000 words for a gig I can get more income :o (and anybody would do the same!) although it took a long time to build up to that point.


I have been writing for seven years, but I specialize in an area I have expertise in. This also means I don’t compete with the SEO writers. SEO is so fluid that buyers get in a panic and usually end up blaming the writer for poor rankings. I have worked for various content sites that got big taking whatever fluff was offered. It didn’t take long however for the buyers to move on once the search engine updates started happening on a regular basis.

So quality is number one. You need to build a base. I never worry about what I make an hour or how many words I wrote for the five dollars. You can fuss all day about taking too long on an article and feel you worked to hard on it for four dollars. The ones that worry about not making enough per word usually never get a base built up.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of writers on the Internet that write 500 word articles for less than four dollars. Everyone has to compete. Look for a demand and decide if you can fill that demand.


I’ve found that 550 - 750 words for a $5 “gimme” is about the right balance. This is approximately 5 paragraphs of sales / web copy. The trick here, providing that writing is your “thing” and you enjoy doing research and writing about a myriad number of topics is to get the buyer to get hooked your your $5 gig, then upgrade to your ULTRA sales package for say $20 more. I am now averaging $25 to $50 on every gig I get now. 22% of my customers, thanks to my getting TOP SELLER award now allows me to charge $50 and $100 for gigs and I’m already booked for Gigs at $85 and several of $105 and more.

Go look at my sales copy writing gig and see how I packaged mine up and learn from the proven results it is delivering me.

Good luck to you. See you soon at the TOP SELLER level.