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Is anybody there?


not a successful journey on fiverr want to discuss to know others story
so tell your story :neutral_face:


Maybe tell us your story to get started.


it’s been a month but there is no hint of order. that’s all my story


New since a few days ago so no orders yet.


JUST started 1 year ago with Photoshop Gig’s and Then converted Totally to WordPress web Development and Earned 5000$ in the last 6 months. And the Story is not over yet! :heart_exclamation:


The forum has lots of posts about this subject. You are not alone. If you read through you will find them.


great story bro give us some tips to rewrite your story


Create Gig’s with Unique Description Use quality Gig images , Try to put some question/answers in Faq’s of each Gig and then Send Buyer Request Regularly. when you get orders deliver it on time and Try to communicate Professionally with buyers. And Increase Your Average selling price. @kazishanto18


I have reviewed your gigs and noticed that you’re offering SEO services.

SEO services are not promoted by Fiverr and with the intense competition it’s hard to be successful in this category.

On another note, you started in May, last month. You have to give yourself some time.

Interested in learning?
Check this out:
And this category: #Fiverr-Tips

Best of luck.


I think it’s better you take time to go through discussion boards on this forum that will help you in getting your gig off the mark. As a new seller, your best bet of getting an order is through buyer’s requests.

This is my 9th month on fiverr and I have made over 5000 bucks.

I hope this helps… Keep selling :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


thanks for the advice and best of luck to pak in icc ct17


Never Give UP…


I had a pretty good start. 2 gigs on week 1, 3 more on week 2 and 2 last week. I am now nearing a full month and no more orders. All gave 5 star reviews so I figured it would snowball from there. It seems as though the opposite is taking place. I think I simply got lucky at the beginning…that or I just don’t understand the algorithm.

Fiverr was never intended to be my main source of income, so I have the luxury of being patient. I’m not expecting anything though