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Is anyone benefiting from the algorithm tests?


Obviously more people are likely to post about negative experiences. Who is benefiting from the algorithm tests?

I personally have been getting about 3x more sales since Mid-April (both in volume and sales revenue). This month so far has been excellent. I wish I could lock my gig in place :yum:


I’m benefiting somehow. Spectacular start to May (so far) even though my delivered on time ratio is on life support. All my orders are from regulars though and I have been incentivising big orders with free video work.


I have made a lot of money, but all orders from repeat buyers, none from new buyers.


Yeah new sellers.
You can tell by doing a few searches.


Just checked - the “avg. customer review/rating” search filter is not working for articles and blog posts. Maybe the tech team is planning something.


I don’t know if it’s from the algorithm tests but things are going well.


I read somewhere that most established sellers get bulk of their orders from repeat clients, with a sprinkle of new clients.

I know there are certain specialized category where new clients are necessary.


That’s true, 2/3 are repeat buyers.


Yes, in my first 2 years, most of my orders were small - $5 to $20 orders, mostly from new buyers, with a few big orders. I used to do over 100 orders a month. In my third year (and fourth, which has just started)…I don’t get as many orders, but what I get are big orders over $100 from old buyers, with a few $5 to $25 orders in between from new buyers. Anyway, I am booked till the end of May, after that I want to relax a bit and focus on other things. Let’s see. [Jeez, time flies by fast on Fiverr,…it’s May already, my birthday is in May, I’m getting old, have to get my fitness back, else all my Fiverr money will go to a bunch of doctors or hospitals.]


I find the 30 day chart on the analytics page helps a lot. I give better analytics some of the credit since I can see visually that some things are working that I am trying.


There you go and still it’s good to hear that you are having good time. :slight_smile:


I would have to guess I probably get more new customers.

Repeat customers account for most of my bigger orders because they’re authors with many books, but new customers come to me with one-off orders for emails, letters, bios, etc.


Never had any advantage or disadvantage. In some way people find me.
Pheromones I guess. :slight_smile: