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Is anyone doing anything about spam/scammers?

So far, I have 0 orders.

But I’ve had 3 people message me with spam/trying to scam me. All of them have wanted to “start a long-term contract.” (My only gig is tech support. I don’t even know what a “long-term contract” would entail)

The first one got me to message him on ■■■■■, (it was my first message, ok? I didn’t know any better) the second one wanted to communicate entirely via attached .txt files, and the third wanted me to call them.

I can’t report them, only block them. Is there anything else I can do, and is Fiverr is working on this?

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How come you can’t report them? :thinking: Me no undertand…

Evaluate why these people think they can scam you and change that.

Your gig is offering to fix people’s computer operating systems. Of course you are going to get scammers! This is not an appropriate gig for Fiverr.

There’s just no option to report them. Is there supposed to be?

“This is not an appropriate gig for Fiverr”

Why not?

Yes, there is. Pass your mouse over the user’s message (don’t click, just pass your mouse) and you’ll see 2 options, one of them is “Report” and the other one is “Spam”.


Because you’re unprotected. There’s no way to prove to Fiverr that you did the work, plus a buyer could accuse you of making their system vulnerable.

Not only that, but buyers love these kinds of gigs because they’re so easy to scam. There’s no way for you to prove that you did the job and did it properly. And no way to prove that you didn’t do something unethical.

On top of this, lots of buyers may want to see if you will put bugs on a computer for someone or hack into a program or something. People who want to do those kinds of things will look for a service like yours.

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