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Is anyone doing promotion of gig using online advert?

Experienced sellers! is anyone doing promotion of gig using online advert? Please share your tips and strategy. How you get traffic to your gigs using AdWords/PPC/Facebook Ad?

PPC!!! Are you sure that people use ppc to drive traffic to their gigs?

I think some sellers do , specially if the seller is actually a group of people or a startup. It’s very cheap and simple nowadays. But most of sellers rely on delivering high quality work alongside maintaining good communication and friendly attitude. Doing so will get a lot of buyers share their experience with you with their friends on social media sites, which might bring more buyers to you.

Most of the sellers make google ads on google search. It helps you to kickstart your gigs. But it needs some money to invest, so most of the sellers get rid of that.

Some colleagues who are starting here on Fiverr are touting their gigs on Facebook too.

Giovani Goulart

Especially when you offer high quality work, good communication and friendly attitude, ads can only help to boost the sales. Bad gigs will not win nice volume of sales even if you invest into ads.

And for new buyers - sometimes you do not need to buy ads. LinkedIN offers $50 voucher, Google AdWords has been sending me a voucher as well… When buying hosting, some bigger hosting providers also offer free advertising coupons. Nice to try as your own money can be used in many other ways.

PPC will be very lazy.
facebook the cheap, but you need money on it.
My advice is facebook groups, sometimes it’s free if you work on it’s own

Did try that with Google Adverts. Advice: Stay away.

You must be crazy to use adwords or fb ads to promote a gig that bring you $4. Ads from Google and Fb are very expensive, especially when you need to target your audience.
And you need only targeted audience, that consts around $0.75 - $3 per click…

Yeah! I guess.

I agree! But it helps most when you are offering interesting gigs no?

Yeah! it works though good service always creates word of mouth. But to scale up rather than waiting for customers to come and then serve, we need real advertising.

But not sure if direct gig links can be used in advertising? Isn’t it against TOS or something?

Do they use direct links to their gig? Is it allowed?

I Agree! Thank you. :slight_smile: