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Is anyone else getting anoying ads all over the place here on Fiverr now?

Just like the title says. Ads are popping up everywhere on the forum. It’s really irritating.

… I hope it’s not just me getting them… because that means I’ve downloaded something I shouldn’t have. lol

Yes Mark74. That’s exactly what I did. It is me. :frowning:

I was just hoping this topic would fade into obscurity. lol.

So… if any of the powers that be read this topic… please delete or close. :slight_smile:

I think it’s you… probably on your pc you accidentally installed some of those crappy softwares that change your search engines.

Take a look at installed softwares, disable and uninstall every unneeded browser extension/addon you find, check start page and check that browser icon you click doesn’t have an url attached after the exe (eg c:…Chrome.exe http://crappy_url…)