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Is anyone else getting the same message?

I have gotten something very weird recently in the past 2 days I received a message saying “hi, Please check the attached file.” then no further instructions nor a description of what it is. I replied and got no answer I didn’t check the attachment do to the message just being so cryptic and the user name being abnormal. I blocked and the next day a different user name contacts me with the same message and the same name of the attachment as the last message. I check their profile and they were both from the same living place. It kinda freaks me out and I guess being a youtube personality has kinda taught me to be a bit on the cautious side when messages like these come up. Has any of these types of messages end up in your inbox?

Haven’t happened to me, but I wouldn’t open a suspicious attachment either. Have you contacted Customer Support about it?

You did the right thing. I don’t open attachments either, unless the cover message shows the sender read my gig description before sending the message and is clearly interested in my services.

And yes, this has happened several times - it’s always episodic. I get 3-4 similar messages in quick succession from different users, and then nothing for a few weeks, and then more suspicious messages. I don’t give them too much thought though. You can’t avoid spam anywhere.

Reply to @xpertmarketer: Agreed glad to see I wasn’t the only one. :slight_smile:

Reply to @catwriter: I haven’t I figured it would be best to just report it like I did. I feel like if I sent it to customer Support they would have just said to report it anyways.