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Is anyone else getting unsolicited messages to buy stuff on and off fiverr?

I’m getting messages such as "Really like your gig, check out blah blah blah and made more money"

These are beginning to get annoying and I was wondering is any other sellers are getting similar messages and what to do about it.

Let me know if this is okay with Fiverr or if it should be reported.

warm regards


I got one of those this afternoon (well I guess it’s yesterday afternoon now). Wanted me to buy some book. I was like…ok and just ignored it pretty much. Just seemed like spam to me honestly.

I always hit the Report button on those messages, so they can’t contact me for a while and (I hope) CS is warned…

I received one of those, and guess what, I am new as a seller, so when I saw the first line of the message “I really like your gig”… I was, “Cool Man, I am about to get my first sale.” then f**k.

I guess fiverr should start taking care of these spam messages because in the future these will increase and we might miss out on important messages from the prospective buyers.

Ahhh, I get these messages every other day, and there sooo annoying.

Do you guys think we are suppose to report them to fiver or they don’t care???

Yes, I’ve been getting messages too from users to buy SVG images, and yes I think we suppose to report them as spam.

  1. Report them to CS.
  2. They DO care.

    If they receive MULTIPLE complaints, they will DELETE the IDIOT-spammer’s account!
  3. Also hit the “Report” button on their message, which should block any future messages from the IDIOT-spammer!