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Is Anyone Else Having A Really Hard Time With Buyer Requests?

Hi Everyone,

First off Merry Christmas!

As for my rant, I started on Fiverr a year ago after two years working on other sites and my own website where I offer professional writing services. My impressions at first? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t very impressed. However, Fiverr quickly became great for filling in the slow days on my other platforms and I invested a lot more time into Fiverr in the second half of this year, only stopping recently due to a personal tragedy which I had to take some time out of everywhere to deal with.

The problem then, is that now that I am back, I’m having a really hard time with the majority of potential buyers. For instance, when I started on Fiverr, I would get messages like;


Are you able to write 500-1000 words on this product/service?"

Then the potential buyer would send me a link to whatever their service is and I would respond in the affirmative if I could do the work, or apologize if I didn’t feel that I was suitably qualified.

In the latter part of 2015 though, I’ve been inundated with messages like:

“I need content writing.” - (Literally that’s it).

Or I am being sent everything from requests for work where buyers themselves don’t even seem to know what they want, to requests which try to get me to agree to do work before telling me what the work in question actually is.

Don’t get me wrong. I have some fantastic buyers here on Fiverr. The only problem is that about 60% of the messages I get everyday seem to be from complete idiots and… well, you know you have to reply.

As for why this is, since I don’t get these kind of messages or work requests on my other platforms, I’m pretty sure it’s due to higher amounts of people using Fiverr as a reselling platform. i.e they have trouble giving me a real job brief because they don’t actually understand what their client is asking for in the first place. Moreover, I don’t mind people reselling my gigs. I actually resell work myself if I get overbooked. However, Fiverr seems to be turning into somewhere where I just long into everyday to send several messages saying, “sorry, I won’t be able to help you with this at the present time,” as well as requests for more information from potential orders who I can half understand what they want, but not fully.

For me then, Fiverr is loosing a bit of it’s value to me as a seller, simply due to the work I have to do responding to the kind of messages in question. What I want to ask in this case, is is this just me? Or is anyone else having this problem and if so, how are you managing it?

I look forward to any responses, and all the best again for the holiday season.

Warmest Regards,


Ah, the dreaded useless request. I have a quick response that basically says I’m overbooked. If they’re really bad (“I need writing, I have all the information’s”–no further info attached or anything vaguely useful) I sometimes just stretch my fingers to say “OK” and never hear from them again. Unless they get angry because I’m being rude/why am I “advertising myself” on a platform when I don’t take every job bone thrown my way, but that’s another story that seems to misunderstand the Fiverr concept.

Ultimately, I think that it’s simply lots of new people, some of whom will be clueless. I respond to enquiries that aren’t a complete waste of time, have a quick response for gigs I don’t understand/don’t like the look of, sometimes copy their brief style with my own, other times click on the report button (“hi dear, I sell you the great work”–click)

So, it’s not just you, it’s a pain shared by all your fellow sellers. Managing it is just a part of the fun and games!

Simply put, before I accept any work, I make sure to ask that they tell me explicitly what they want from me. If they can’t tell me what they want exactly, I don’t accept any work. Although it gets pretty hard when someone buys my gig, doesn’t fill me in with any information, and then get angry when I mutually cancel the order 3 days before it’s due.

Hi Wiseman,

This is what I do. In fact I have two systems in place. On the one side, I have a standalone portfolio website which I direct anyone to who is asking what kind of writing I can do. Secondly, any vague requests I ask for clarification and refuse work if I don’t get this. However, I seem to be flooded with situations like the following:

Client: “Hi, I need articles.”

Me: “Ok, could you be a bit more specific? What do you want articles about etc?”

Client: “Here’s a link to my website, I need some pages rewriting & some editing.”

Me: “Ok, which pages?” (It’s a big website).

Client: “Send me a custom offer for $20. When can you get this done by?”

Me: "Ok, “$20 will cover 4 articles. I can get this done today, but can only start work when you tell me which pages you want re-writing.”

Client: “I don’t need 4 articles, I need all website rewriting & editing.”

…And at this point I give up and issue my standard, “sorry, I won’t be able to help you with this at the present time.”

What bugs me then, is that not only do I not get people like this outside of Fiverr, but over the past few months most of my daily messages are like this and I feel like I am just on a response rate treadmill.

One thing I did notice though, originally my gig was for 500 words of seo content writing. I reduced this after I got my first 50+ reviews to 300 words of writing with any seo key word search as $5 extra.

Now that I think about it, this did get rid of a lot of time wasters. In this case, do you think it would be worth me trying to take myself out of such peoples price range? Or would I just loose my regulars?

Thanks anyway for the responses so far & Merry Christmas,


My complaint with buyer requests isn’t so much about spammy inquiries as much as it is with the limited features. We use to have a lot of capabilities that were gone as quickly as they came.

Fiverr giveth and Fiverr fucking taketh away. It made no sense. I complained multiple times and it became clear that their support team couldn’t give a shit because after a while they just tried to pacify me with autoresponders saying that the issue had been forwarded to their marketplace team or whatnot. I’m fucking angry, yo, and it has just gotten worse.

This is why we as independent freelancers and entrepreneurs can’t structure our entire livelihood around one site, even one that seemed as invincible as Fiverr. I hope they get their asses handed to them pretty soon and them maybe they’ll straighten up on the backend because, after all, it’d be a win-win for everyone to have a site that’s easy to use and that makes it easier for us to make more sales.

Buyer Request wasn’t always like this. When I first started some years ago, there were ample buyers posting requests. Now? Too many sellers or rather sellers with multiple accounts posting their services.

Couple even went as far as directly stating that their request was for buyers of gigs only. The market place is even harder to read. Fiverr has unveiled some useful features to help sellers but the features aren’t 98% great.

Today I was only able to find one, ONE legit Buyer Request out of a bunch for my category; which is a lot more compared to the writing and proofing categories. Hopefully some good changes will come to the site in the up coming year.