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Is anyone else having clients who are not able to have their orders go through?

Yesterday it happened where a buyer said the order wouldn’t go through and it happened again just now. Is this happening to anyone else?

I haven’t had this happen before so it’s unusual to have it happen two days in a row to two different clients.


Well, you know my auto response to that - they don’t want to pay. If they genuinely are having trouble, they should contact CS …

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Yesterday the buyer finally had it work after multiple tries.


I did notice a glitch this morning in BRs … they’re updating for Christmas, possibly. Putting a bit of snow on the site, perhaps … ?


Yes, the same thing happened to me two days ago, but after trying many times, he was finally able to place the order. :sweat_smile:


A client told me he had to download the app and pay on that! The site said there was a problem with his bank when there wasn’t.