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Is anyone else having trouble editing their quick responses

I’ve been trying to edit the text on my Quick Responses for the last couple of days, but the new text just will not save.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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Clear browser cache and try. @screenscribe

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Tried that and it doesn’t work.

Try to login via Chrome into Fiverr in Incognito mode and it should work!

Thanks for that suggestion, it didn’t work either though :confounded:

Can you share a screenshot with me?

Does this article help?

The problem is the text is not being saved…no matter how many times I click the save button.

Here’s a screengrab.

That’s a bug, contact support :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll try contacting them. Thanks for your help though!

I am also having the same problem. I unable to save new quick response. I tried using chrome/firefox but its not working.

@wonsterprime Good luck with support! They suggested I use Google Chrome, which I was already doing, and that I clear my cache, which I had already done. Now, they are asking me to reinstall my browser and update Adobe Flash player. I’ll try it and see if it works.

same thing happening with me. Let me know if you figure out how to fix it!

I made a post about this earlier, I think everyone has this problem. Fiverr will fix it.

@screenscribe please keep us posted.
Thank you