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Is anyone else receiving creepy messages like this?! D:

This is the third time this has happened! How weird and unsettling… :confused:

What the…

Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction or contact CS, whichever’s quicker, but I’d avoid this like the plague!


How can he/she/it still be messaging me after I blocked them?!

“Can no longer contact you” my ***.

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I saw 2 of those on BR a while ago, so seems those got through the approving process…

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It’s always the feet perverts. Always.


Feet creeper has officially been reported to Fiverr.

I sent them a message directly because that blasted “Report” button isn’t doing a thing.

I’m getting message bombed! -_-


:confused: And how many buyers post here that their legitimate request was rejected with a canned message? :confused:

What a bunch of creepy weirdos.

@authoreva: @psychicbunny gets those too. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one.


I see those in BR from time to time (and on UW, too).


What I don’t understand is why! It’s not like other types of perverts do this all. The. Time! I mean, can’t they just look at pictures of feet and share sexy feet stories or whatever it with each other?

I mean, you never see armpit pervs pull this shit, do you?


Somehow… armpit-lovers seem a little less creepy…

What’s unsettling to me is the very first thing they said… About the girl being stabbed or shot. Sounds like a psycho with a foot-fetish. :X

Honestly, I think it’s one of the main reasons why women sellers use logos or drawings instead of real pictures.

There is nothing in your or Jenny’s picture or profile that would make someone think either of you would be into something like that.

Emma’s post had me laughing. I mean what the heck is an “A/P perv”? Is there such a thing? I guess I’m really sheltered.


You can bet there is. Don’t Google.


There are others, about girls fighting and supporting their weight on the balls of their feet. All the requests I’ve seen are violent (though not all of them include death).


It sounds like a way to get their thrill on, to message ladies with these requests or openly ask for them on b.r. There are plenty of outlets on the internet for these types of interests and yet they come here.
Or they are simply too cheap to pay the regular sites that cater to these fetishes.


I am too - @emmaki had to explain something to me last night I’d never heard of, and I’m not a youngster - far from it!

Oh, I was about to post if anyone else was getting these …things. I got the same one from two accounts, and it’s getting annoying. I was even offered a skype call for 'easy money (literally that’s what I was told). I stopped replying to that one so another account started bugging me. At first I thought maybe it’s some weird class assignment or whatever… This is definitely one of the weirdest things I’ve seen here yet…

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I guess it’s a good thing I get mistaken for a guy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I should have just sent an offer for $1k. Maybe that would get them to go away…

But what if they were crazy enough to accept it?


I’ve had some repeated smutty messages from certain countries. They don’t just send one, they send several even if I don’t respond.

Really? You don’t look like a guy to me.

Even when I had my cartoon avatar up, I had two sellers calling me guy and (him/her)!!
I wonder how many men are named Gina??