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Is anyone else working from abroad?


Hey guys!

This is probably more of a complicated question, and it’s directed to US citizens who are completing the majority of their fiverr gigs outside of the US. In my case, I am working from Germany (although I have also worked from other countries in the past).

So my question to you is: How do you handle taxes? Do you end up paying taxes in two countries? I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out the legalities of this. Any links/advice/personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks!! :blush:


Hi Stacy,
You will still have to file your 1040 as you know. But in regards to Local German taxes, lemme forward you to US consulate in Germany’s site for better reference:

Will this be your first time filing from Germany?


Thanks for the link, @djgodknows! Yep, it will be my first time filing from anywhere other than the US, so I’m a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.


Yes, if you are self-employed, Tax filing IS a bit daunting, but nowadays most Tax softwares have streamlined the process.

I used to use Turbo Tax, my recommendation would be after discussion with your embassy, maybe contact a tax professional for a better consultation in your next PROPER step of action.

And there’s nothing to stress about, as long as you file SOMETHING, I’m sure uncle Sam would appreciate that.

The only setback to making an amendment is (that is if you need to update a filing), would be that you have to MANUALLY file it. Meaning, actually printing out hard copies of everything and snail mailing it to the IRS. Since you can e-file only once.


Thank you so so much for taking the time to respond. I’ll start with these steps and hopefully it won’t be as painful as it seems. Turbo Tax does make things super easy, but I’m not sure how it works now that I may have to file in Germany as well. Let’s see! Thanks again! :slight_smile:


De nada Stacy. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!:+1:


In case you will have to file in Germany too, and speak German, I can recommend to bookmark this forum, that was very helpful for me, it´s pretty active, and there are people who know a lot: German forum on taxes and such


Wow, this is super helpful! Thank you SO much @miiila ! :heart: