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Is anyone getting creepy requests?

Hey, I’m new to fiverr and wasn’t super experienced with dealing with customers and offering custom requests. I had someone reach out to me and they initially seemed legit, asking about pricing and canvas sizes (I’m an artist). Then they asked for my email address since the description of the artwork they wanted was explicit and they didn’t want to discuss it on the fiverr chat (Huge red flag there that I can see now was a mistake).

I gave them my email address and they disclosed that they were looking into getting some NSFW artwork done and asked if I was comfortable painting fully nude images (No judgement from me, I find all forms of art to be beautiful in their own way and I have experience painting nude models in college, so this was not something that I thought was weird at first) and that If I was, they were interested in doing long-term work with me.

However… because they were claiming to send nude photos of themselves, they wanted me to send some pictures of me so that they felt they could trust me. I felt this was a little odd and I told them that I had a profile picture on fiverr. But, they were very consistent, so I ended up sending some selfies that I had up on Instagram so I didn’t find it was too intrusive. But they kept asking for more images (like 40 pictures) and they made comments like asking what my ethnicity was and if I ever modelled nude before. I kept ignoring these comments to veer the conversation back to the artwork and the business transaction at hand but they seemed disinterested and asked if I would pose nude with them for the right price…sigh I ended up ignoring the conversation, realizing far too late this was a creep not at all interested in my artwork and instead, now has a portfolio of my pictures.


Oh boy. :grimacing:

Definitely a lot went wrong, a lot of warning signs were overlooked, and now a perv has gotten away with images of you while you haven’t received a single red cent…

Double huge red flag. Communication outside of Fiverr can (and obviously did in this case) result in bad things happening and may result in users receiving permanent warnings, suspension, or even account termination. Accepting and working on se*ual, fetish, or explicit images/video/illustrations are prohibited on Fiverr and may result in all the aforementioned punishments once again.

An all too common lie tossed around to try to get new sellers to do things that they normally wouldn’t do. The false promise of future work has resulted in many sellers getting bamboozled or worse.

Definitely not allowed on the platform. Should have reported him from the instant he wanted explicit work and an outside email contact.

:exploding_head: This creep hasn’t given you a single thing except one ridiculous request after another, and then you sent him images of yourself…

The veil is completely lifted. He was never interested in your artwork. He was only interested in getting as much out of you as possible at no cost.

Unfortunately, there are a number of predators and creeps who prowl Fiverr for new and naive sellers to take advantage of. Reporting them and cutting off all communication with them as soon as possible is the best course of action since preventing them from initiating contact with you is not possible.

There are a number of similar horror story experiences from other female sellers on the forum, so, unfortunately, you aren’t alone in that regard.


Hi there, and welcome to the forum. A pity that something like this was your first experience, but don’t let that put you off Fiverr, there are many legit customers.

Some people, especially female sellers, do get creepy requests, but it’s still the exception, not the norm. You could report the person, so he’d get banned, however, since you also violated Fiverr’s terms of service by accepting contact via email, you’d risk receiving a warning as well.
Please do yourself the favour and read the ToS in full, so you are aware of them and won’t violate any even unknowingly, to protect your account.
While creeps aren’t that common, luckily, people who’ll ask for your email are quite common, just tell them it’s against Fiverr’s terms. Some just didn’t read the ToS themselves and are happily oblivious to the fact that a platform like Fiverr has their reasons to not want people to communicate off-platform, others do it purposefully, but if they have genuine intentions to buy from you here, they’ll accept that, and if not, their loss, and in case they insist, you can report them.

Please also protect yourself more on the internet generally, be careful not just with personal info in text form like email but also photos, of course. If you already give people photos for no good reason, at least don’t give them also photos that they can easily find your e.g. instagram account with by a simple right-click for image-searching. I know, you said you sent those since you had them up on insta anyway, however, would you want people like that follow your social media, and do who knows what … There’s creeps, there’s identity theft, there’s people using or selling other people’s photos for all kinds of things, …

I don’t want to preach too much, but protect yourself, and don’t take such things too lightly - you sent a total stranger photos so “they could trust you” but you didn’t trust yourself, when you felt “this was a little odd”. Always trust yourself and your feelings more than care about the feelings of total strangers. :slight_smile:

I hope you won’t have any more experiences like that one!