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Is anyone having problem with inbox?

Can anyone access the fiverr inbox and see all the messages / chat with the clients on a desktop/laptop browser?

It works fine with mobile !

yes…that’s not working :slight_smile:

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can you check whether you can use the mobile inbox

Happy to know I’m not the only one! Yes it’s not working, I tried Chrom, Safari, I cleaned the cachet, nothing is working at all

Now its working guys

I gues it was a maintainence
However i was having issues like no sound when a new message arrives

Hope they fixed it now

my inbox is not working, I want to clear some points with the buyer.

@shabanajabeen yes tell what issue are you facing?

Inbox is not working, can’t send message through it.

Clear your cache and try

Hi, BR is usually plenty of request and today there is nothing! Is it normal?

My notifications for inbox and order updates aren’t working since yesterday :frowning:

thank you for response.

sorry, I don’t know bcz I’m new here.