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Is anyone having trouble accessing the site on Chrome?


I can access everything just fine on Microsoft Edge and on the phone app, but on Chrome when i try to click on my messages the page doesn’t go anywhere. Clicking through my profile and my orders does go to the right page but nothing loads properly. The front page also doesn’t load right, the similar gigs and featured gigs just show that little loading circle that never stops.

This has just started today, and like I mentioned I can access everything on other browsers and the app. It’s just a little frustrating because Chrome is my browser of choice. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this.


yes, clear your cache and delete only Fiverr cookies from the chrome user-content.

Open chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookies and delete Fiverr’s cookies - Then clear your browser cache


That worked, thanks so much!


you’re welcome, it will probably happen again as they are updating the platform.