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Is anyone how can I grow up on fiverr

You must have at least a 90% positive rating to make new offers! how to fix this problem because I cant send buyer requests. Plz, help me, guys. Can anyone tell me? how I can fix this problem,

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:thinking: you can fix it exactly as per the message :point_down:

Get your rating to 90% and you will be able to send offers again.

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That’s misinformation. That will not help his rating to be over 90%:exploding_head:

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@mariashtelle1 Yap, I knew it. I give him a suggestion for a new buyer request :no_mouth:.

What new buyer request? He is not going to have ANY buyer requests until he improves his performance


I have little bit confused about your question. Is it your new gig. If this is your new gig then you can send buyer request easily. If buyer request is not showing then delete the cookies.
Or your rating is below 4.7/90% then you Have to get order & have to increase your rating.

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Thanks for guiding me.