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Is anyone learning any new topic in this quarantine period?

Hey everyone, how are everyone doing? Is anyone learning any new skills which they can use in their future?
Let us know


The question is into perspective and your perspective to his might be different.
He might want to see if he can get something to learn too or he might be here to spy…

We understand that this forum is full of different types of people with different thoughts and plan but I say, no one should conderm even if we are being careful not to show our secrets to ourselves…

The question he asked to me is right and this is a forum to learn and that is why it is created…

If all sellers had kept their words to themseotoo, this forum will be as silent as a grave…

No offense


Let’s not accuse people of being spies.

I have not condemned anyone.

Wait, what? Did I miss something in OP’s message? I read it as, “what are you folks up to during this time?”

Yes! I’m (re-)learning french! I spoke it quite well in high school and then never practiced for the next 10 years… so I thought with my free time I’d brush up :slight_smile: Not that I have any hope of going to France in the near future :sweat_smile:

What about you? Brushing up on any skills?

… Oh, and, if this counts as a skill, I’m getting really savvy at utilizing the land mass on my island in Animal Crossing to grow the maximum amount of foreign fruit… :smirk: :eyes:


The way things are going I should be learning skills of growing potatoes. It’ll sure come in handy in a month or two.


I am working on the latest trend IoT(internet of things) which will change the whole dimension of IT industry by 2025.
Polish your skill, this is the time .
Be safe


He isn’t particularly asking you to give your suggestions, if you want to keep it private that’s fine we have nothing to do with it. He can share or ask for suggestions from other sellers its public forum Maybe someone else would love to share, and they are actually.

I had to do some plumbing (wash basin pipe broke, no wonder, with all the soap and hand washing going on :wink: ) and actually bought some tomato plants (no suitable potato space, alas :smile: ) while shopping the DIY store for a new pipe … I haven’t had to wait in any lines, neither supermarket nor drugstore nor pharmacy since this started, but the DIY store, oh my … seems like many people find the time now to work on their handyman/woman skills or learning to plant potatoes and stuff.


Nah, super easy, only 4 steps to grow potatoes. It takes more to dig all those holes :hole: and digging out all those potatoes later on.
So it’s better to work on your digging skills :wink: it also might help if you’ll ever need to hide from other people, you never know how this virus situation is going to progress :see_no_evil:

But for now I’m developing my super powers of spending all day on the couch without moving :muscle: I feel that I’m succeeding in this life :smile:

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I’ve been learning more about photo manipulation in PhotoShop, but not for work or business purposes. I just like messing around with graphics. Other than that, I have no extra time for anything.

I know, I was a bit embarrassed to admit but the only thing I’m learning now is sleeping till noon. Turns out I’m pretty awesome at it.


I’ve learned to hoard protein bars and cans of beans. And how to do jigsaw puzzles online. :roll_eyes:

I’m slightly bored.

I was hoping to learn play Animal crossing: new horizon … and then realized I don’t have a ninetendo switch to play… my gift is getting delayed… don’t know until when… :smile:

yeah hi brother, im kind of learning new things like AI and other thing as a designer & being a team manager “core fundamentalist of strategic designing” thats what i do

Mostly taking marketing and illustration courses and practicing new songs on my instrument.

Nice question to put forward .Yes this lock down period has helped me to learn website and video editing .