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Is anyone on Clubhouse? 🎙

Have you guys heard about the new audio-only social media app, Clubhouse?

I recently joined - curious what everyone thinks. Audio is definitely “trending”…

If some of you are on it, would love to start some convos there!


More informations about please?
Also we can log in only via invitation of a member.

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Is it Apple only?

I may need a new home seeing YT just took down some a song+video I helped someone make with political-social commentary under a Harassment strike. It is scary stuff when good ole fashioned high-spirited social commentary R&R is verboten.


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That’s funny you should ask.

Someone on my FB feed was raving about the comedy they find on Clubhouse just a couple days ago making it the first time I’ve heard of it.

Must be an interesting new app or program.

If anyone is on Clubhouse and ready to share an invite, I will be thankful! I see that it’s a great platform to get really good coaching there, to get a lot of useful information, it’s perfect for freelansers

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Hi ! I can invite you if you wish:)

Thanks a lot! I am already on Clubhouse :smiley:
Now I understand why it’s not that easy to get an invite - you can invite only 2 people

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Hi! I also use clubhouse, it’s great platform , and you can also order me avatar for Clubhouse. If you re interested you can have a look on my gig and leave feedback if you wish :slight_smile:

Thank you! Good luck to everybody in Fiver!

Have you found anything interesting for freelancers there?

Not yet :frowning: but you can chose in settings interesting areas for yourself and clubhouse will show you such rooms. You also can search for bloggers , who talk about freelance and follow them, for example.
More people you follow more rooms you can see

Glad you got on! Thoughts on getting some Fiverr Freelancers together to chat on clubhouse? We can set up a time :raised_hands:

It would be really great! I was looking for some freelancers chat there, but didn’t find anything yet

One of the introvert’s worst nightmares.

Real time Live chat with strangers on Iphone.

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:crazy_face: Yes, it’s not really comfortable for many people, so true introverts should not join Clubhouse probably))
But I already found many interesting chats there and it can be really useful

Hey! We’ll be going live later today, feel free to join if you’re interested! Fiverr Music 🎸🎤 - Clubhouse

Can this be joined by non Iphone user?

If this is only targeting iphone/apple users then what will the android people get?