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Is anyone seeing inaccurate response rates?

I do not understand what is happening to my response rate.

Fiverr says “the response rate calculates a percentage of responses within 24 hours from all initial messages within the past 30 days”. That is not happening. I have answered all but 2 initial messages within 24 hours in the past 30 days and my response rate should be around 98%, but it is down to 74% and I know that is not right.

Even when I have unanswered messages within a few hours, my response rate down down and then when I answer the message, my response rate may go down.

Worse, if I try to answer a message that has been reported by other sellers, the response rate only goes up when I answer the message even though it was reported. I have to “unreport” the message and then answer it with “nospam” and then report it again so my response rate does not get worse.

is this happening to other sellers?


Hi there,

I’ve answered a few forum posts with the same mysterious problem, this is definitely happening. I think there is a problem with some messages not showing or arriving and therefore we see our response rate go down.

I’ve seen a drop in the number of messages, and reading other posts, I’m guessing this is where the problem ‘might’ stem from. My rate started dropping on the 13th when I received a message that had been auto marked as spam. I unspammed it using the button and replied as normal. Now even though I have replied to every message before the 13th (and replies), and had no messages since, my response rate is dropping every day.

The real worry is that this impacts the account and maybe eventually the search rankings etc.

I’ve seen talk that there was a recent system update, which might have introduced the issue. And also talk that CS are not responding to tickets, which wouldn’t be surprising if they’ve had a sudden spike in work load. Normally I get a quick response but it’s been six days since I raised my ticket.

This is a well known bug, unfortunately reported some week ago.
Fiverr team is aware of the problem and, when a ticket is opened, they can manually fix the current pecentage… but after some message your response rate is going down again.

We must wait for the bug to be fixed and, in the meanwhile, don’t care that much of that percentage… that’s what I’m trying to do…

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I’m STILL having this issue. I literally keep my account open 24 hours and responds asap, I’ve responded to EVERY messsage/inquiry I get and my response rate is still only showing at 89% and it’s effecting MY Rating. HELP FIVERR!!!

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The response rate has been off since day one. I’ve tried to petition it and they wanted to keep it. I respond to everything and still at 97%. Asked for a refresh and they said it’s correct. It’s not. Lol

Do what you can when you can, but it’s not accurate.

Right it’s awful and we’re the ones suffering for it. I spend more time worrying about this than doing the work. This whole new rating ever 30 days thing is a pain. My repeat customers get frustated because my gigs keep disapearing when they reduce my ranking. Urrrrrgh :rage:

Glad I’m not alone, but sad I’m not alone! Cheers to you!