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Is anyone using LIMIT ORDERS IN QUEUE?

Today I was looking at My Gigs and noticed this button:

Using this feature allows you to control the number of orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will temporarily be removed from Fiverr’s search.
Disabling this feature returns your Gig to Fiverr’s search (approximately 15 minutes later).

I’m not using it. Are you?

Well personally I’ve never had much sales, I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 15 orders going at the same time. I try an focus at selling at a higher price and creating a better quality product all in the least amount of time possible.

What has always made me wonder is how other sellers manage 60, 150 or even 500 orders at the same time.

I won’t use them. Hoping that feature is bugproof.

Haha! I wish I had this problem of a long queue!

I’ve been tempted to use it because the moment I come off vacation I shoot to 40-50 jobs in queue. However, it’s Fiverr programming so I’m going to give it a few months.

Some very busy sellers go on and off vacation mode frequently.

Yes, I’ve always wonder what it’s like to deal with queues that are 50+ long.

hello top rated:) i hope you doing well
please is anyone among you who use this new feature.
if i keep option disable! is this will affect my gig.
need your help

thank you

Hi design_glow, nice gigs :slight_smile:

Just ask yourself how many orders in one gig can I do in one day, so if the answer is 5, your limit should be 5. Personally, I don’t use it because I have 3 days to deliver an order (some have 7 days, 5 days, etc, Fiverr lets you choose).

If I ever feel overwhelmed, I’ll use it.

it is a great feature if you are getting bulks of orders :slight_smile:

i wish i could get up to 10 order per day :smiley: and i am working hard for it :slight_smile:

no it never mean it is only affective if you are getting orders more then your limit

It’s not a useful feature as you’ll lose orders.

I am using it right now, it has kept things under control for me. Will it reduce my orders? I don’t care because I have worked non-stop for the last 2 years and want to take the next 6 months easy. Want to exercise, get back in great shape, go on dating sites etc. But anyway, I am fully booked till June 23 and expect a couple of big orders from old clients soon…so limit orders hasn’t yet reduced my workload. But if I didn’t have this feature on, it would have been crazy and unmanageable for me.

@writer99025 If your that busy, why not hire someone to help and turn off the limiter. That’s how you grow your business rather than just yourself.

We’ve been in business 28 years, we are a company not one person there’s always opportunity, don’t throw it away with a limitation.

By combining multiple sources of revenue through freelance and affiliate marketing will see your bank account get a lot larger!

This is definitely for our ebullient TRS. As for me, it would not help me.

No, not really, I couldn’t possibly hire someone else. My life is simple, why would I complicate it. Also, I don’t see Fiverr as a business and I don’t depend on it for a living. It is something that keeps me busy and allows me to spend my time productively.

Also, I have a number of old clients who order between 3 to 8 articles each week. A couple of clients order 32 and 30-40 articles per month. With this “Limit Order” feature, I can keep the links for old clients active.

I have been using it since the day it arrived, i keep the limit at 1 to 2 gigs as most orders i get are time consuming and well as im not making my living from online work i also have limited time for hobbies like fiverr.
Haven’t had any issues with the feature, works much better than vacation mode.

i never use this option because we are professionals and we want unlimited orders