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Is anyone using the new word count feature?

I was pretty excited to see the new word count feature added the other day! However, I may have got prematurely over excited and added it before time, as since I added it to my gigs, I have not had a single order - except custom offers and my gig has dropped right down in the rankings.

Usually, I get 2-5 orders a day - varying per day, but no orders in 3 days, is making me very nervous that it has negatively impacted my gigs. Is anyone else using it successfully?

It could just be a general downturn/dry spell, but I am suss, so have taken it off my main gig for now…

I would like to try it on my article-writing gig but I don’t think it’s available there. :-/

I think that your previous content of the gig that was optimized with the fiverr search ranking, but now it is replaced with the new word count feature that you have added hence it might take some time to be optimize with this new feature.

It seems to be just like an extra, so weird that it would impact optimisation. Surely if fiverr want us to use the new features they are coming out with, they aren’t going to penalise people for using them - seems a bit silly…

I won’t be using any new features from now on until they are well and truly established and any potential issues ironed out!

I hope this is what they’re going to introduce for writing and similar gigs instead of packages.

I think it is in voiceover and translation at the moment… you have to introduce packages to use it - it is a package extra… at least you can just use a single package to use it - which then allows your extras to remain…

I haven’t had a chance to experiment with packages or anything yet but I would actually be a bit dubious about this word count feature. I get a lot of buyers asking me for 500-1500 word articles but when it comes to it they simply don’t really need that much. In fact, I can deliver a 300-word article and buyers who had originally wanted a 1000 word article thought that this would be the length anyway.

My point is a lot of buyers (I think) assume word counts rather that realise how many they really need, at least for web content. In this case, I wouldn’t really feel right implementing this feature in case I got people ordering 1500 words on how to change a spark plug and feeling let down by what would end up as a needlessly long-winded delivery.

As for sales dropping. Is it possible that buyers are already confused and/or that regular customers might think that you have suddenly jacked up your prices?