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Is anything wrong in my profile or gig for why I'm not getting orders?

Please help me, I am on Fiverr for long time but got only order yet. Can you guys plz look at my profile and gigs and tell me what is the problem … Thanks in advance.

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Same here brother still waiting for order

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  1. Update gig with Eye Catching/Attractive thumbnail and Perfect Keywords.
  2. Share your gig on Social media, blog and Other Digital Traffic platforms Like Websites,
  3. Stay maximum time Online for Fast Response.
  4. Provide Quality Work on the time.

I had joined Fiverr in what, maybe 2009. There were no sales at all. But then I quit Fiverr.

Then covid hit. I decided to join Fiverr again. Sales are going well until now. Why did I fail before and now just fine? I learned two most important things:

  1. Re-evaluate the gigs.
  2. Re-evaluate the prices.

I spent about three months before I decided to join Fiverr again, just to evaluate my gigs and prices. Until I finally found the right gigs and prices. Good luck.

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Brother thanks for your suggestion. Please can you tell me what type of budget I should go on?