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Is applopi safe to use

this is the website, they are providing service to analyze your fiverr gig rankings and many other things
I want to know whether is acceptable by fiverr to use it or illegal


Some of it looked okay (eg. if their “experts” look at your gigs and give advice etc.) but when it said “Gig Swap” (“purchase exchange” - to receive “fantastic reviews”) I think that would almost definitely be against Fiverr Terms of Service (it would likely be “review manipulation”) and likely get your account in trouble. ie. doing that just for a review exchange I think would get you in trouble/be against TOS.


With most of the services they offer, it is not accepted.


apart from review swap other services looks very good … but again you are right
one should not take risk


should other services be used other then gig swap


You can use the experts look at your gigs and give advice service.


where do I start.

OK. Sounds really cool, and they have a nice, clean website. So they must be legit, right?


Let me try and break it down tool by tool.

Gig Analyzer: Their team of experts. Experts on what? They can’t possibly have more insights on how Fiverr works unless they used to be employed by Fiverr. Also no team of experts knows your field better than you.

Gig Ranking: You can check that out by yourself on a daily basis, by going through your category and you can see how well your gigs perform by visiting the insights page, right from your seller tools.

Gig Image Creator: Well if you aren’t that familiar with design tools, that may be a bit handy.

Gig Swap: They should rename that to “the Get Banned 5000”. It’s against Fiverr’s ToS.

Keyword Generator: Again something you can do on your own using google’s own tools and by looking at the competition.

Keyword ranking: They are promising insights on what buyers are searching for, which would require API access. Fiverr does not have a public API. And even if they did, they would never give people access to their search engine.


so thats the most complete answer I was looking for

yes fiverr dont have any public api so its not possible for them to get such insights , and if do they then they must have some a sniff into fiverr system and I that I think is very hard to do.

so a big NO for applopi

Thanks frank_d


Also, the site creator is using a free email address and not a domain email which is generally unusual.
The guy behind the site appears to have been spamming the comment section of every fiverr related discussion there has ever been AND, the site was for sale up to 2 weeks ago but was withdrawn as nobody was interested in it.

Edit: The guy also owns a Fiverr copy site made with a cheap $25 code for the system and named it after a Fiverr competitor with one letter removed - not exactly a bastion of integrity then…


good research man , appreciated …
I just wanted to become self aware and let other people know about authenticity as well because I saw it many many forums, thats why thought to bring it up here on official forum here as well


No worries, I have removed the link as it is not the type of thing that should really be linked to from the official Fiverr Forum :slight_smile:


thanks for saving me from getting banned :stuck_out_tongue: