Is April slow for anyone else?


So when I first started Fiverr last April, I got 6 orders, the next month I received 17 orders. So this means that the 10 orders I got this month are the lowest I have ever gotten since I started the platform.

I am going to assume that the main issue comes from the fact that I had 3 cancellations within the past 60 days. One wanted me to write college-level work for 10 bucks, another wanted me to write a 5-star review on Yelp, and the third wanted an industry-level recipe for a globally produced granola bar with specifics (HAD to be 100 mg of caffeine, heck if I know how I am going to pull that off with dark chocolate and green tea extract) and then asked for her 5 bucks back.

So unless it is something that is affecting most people, I am going to assume that my cancellations are what did me in. Granted, it has been almost 60 days since all 3 of those, and soon they will not even count.

What about you? How has your April been?


Yeah it is going dry for many sellers. I’ve been on Fiverr since 2014 and I never experienced such low sales. One of the fact is that Fiverr system is messed up most of the times. But this time there could be some other reason behind it as well. Cancellation rate is not the issue for sellers who have been on Fiverr for a long time as they know how much the cancellation rate effects. I’m only making some sales from my old buyers who buy from me regularly otherwise there are no sales. Even all my gigs are showing at the top.


My April has been… April. Next month will be May. I am enjoying the challenge of being a freelancer, no matter what comes my way. Whether I am doing very well, or struggling really doesn’t matter to anyone else – they have their own challenges, just as I have mine.

We are all freelancers. No two of us are the same.


My April has definitely been slow. Only $316 so far.

Last year, I made $1,598 on April. My worst months that year was January and December. August was my best month even though many people are on Vacation.

Most of the orders I get are normal, but yesterday I got this:

“Hello , How much would you charge me to proofread and edit an assignment for my english class containing 1426 word in 1 hour?”

Underneath was Buyer’s Name will no longer be able to contact you. Submit an unspam request to undo this.

I think TOS prohibits us from editing homework, so I’m not going to endanger my gig by unspamming his message.


I often unspam, just to tell the client that I can’t do academic work. I have had clients get pissy at me after I told them it was against Fiverr ToS. What do they want me to do about it? change the rules?


That is correct.

Plus that buyer didn’t even read your gig, or didn’t care for the fact that you don’t want to proofread more than 1,000 words. No wonder they needed help with their homework, if they couldn’t be bothered to read.


One girl just recently needed 9000 words of well-researched biology text (which I will assume is homework) before the next morning.

I may type a lot, but I ain’t Speedy Gorgonzola.


She probably found someone to do it (that is, to copy it from somewhere). Perhaps we’ll see her on the forum, complaining that a seller scammed her and that she failed the exam (or worse).


Agree with @catwriter #Angie :hushed:


I might have made an exception for her, sometimes business is so slow that I can exceed my standards.


It has been mixed for me. Regulars and some big jobs have made it level out and it will be among the best months here once I finish those in my queue. Last week and the week before I was pausing my gigs due to over booking from elsewhere and my gigs are extended to around double their usual delivery time so that explains why I guess.


April has been wonderful for me. More than ever before. I wish You get same in remaining eight days. Best of Luck


For me, I’d say busy enough.
It’s different for everyone each month, I won’t be surprised if you posted something like
“Is May crazy-busy or what!!??” next month :smiley:

Is May crazy-busy or what!?

Good to see you are doing well - it shows just how someone can do really well in their first year by focusing on more specific gigs, rather than just saying “I do all graphic design”.
Bookmarked a couple of your gigs for the future.


Thank You mate. :slight_smile: I have been following your (also couple of other members’)posts here. Your posts are really helpful. I was really inspired .Keep up the good work. You never know who are You inspiring.


Hi lucycodex, I been experiencing a very low sells in April. I do not know what is going on but definitly it is been such a very low month refering to the selling !

I do velive that May will be better !
Warm regards,


If sales are slow for days or even weeks, either work on promoting your gig(s) more, or work on other projects that can eventually make you money.

Enjoy the free time.

Be creative.

Build new things.

Relax. Go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Don’t just wait around for sales.

Do something (or don’t, and just enjoy that).

Life + Work is what you make it.


Oh, I do. I have three websites that I use as a way to promote my services, a social media, etc. So on my off time, I am applying for writing jobs, writing, etc.


If it means anything my orders are running dry too. Managed to get two from my social media clients today but besides that it’s going pretty slow.


Hopefully next month it will bump up. I have a few clients, but it is hard to make a living with a few clients. I still think it is due to my cancellations, meaning things will go back up soon.