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Is asking for more money ever appropriate?

Hi there! I wasn’t sure where else to put this question, so hopefully this the right place :slight_smile: Also, sorry for what is probably going to be a super long post.

I had a buyer purchase a gig and ask for something different…

Some details:
The listing was to help someone interested in going vegan. Specifically, it included the story of my personal journey, a list of vegan products and where to get them, links to helpful blogs, social media accounts, etc., and links to recipes tailored to the buyer (Foods they won’t eat, allergies, etc.). Basically, it was to take some of the guesswork out of the process and make things a little easier for someone making the switch. The gig is $15

The buyer purchased the gig and said they were an ecommerce company selling vegan products and they wanted a blog post about my personal vegan journey and 5 recipes. Now, I’m not a pro blogger, but I know blog posts go for a lot more than $15, especially considering the 5 recipes. I explained that this was not the intent of the original gig, so I had questions. They answereed each question, were very polite, and I decided to continue with the gig.

Two days in and I’m still working on typing up the recipes. The blog post itself is done and it only took me a couple hours to complete. But the recipes are proving to be taking a while. The buyer specified they wanted the recipes to be my personal ones, rather than links to recipes. Since my recipes are in my brain I’ve had to figure them out in terms of measurements and type them up. They also want a brief description for each recipe.

Very long story short: is it appropriate for me to explain that this has become much more labor intensive than I originally thought and that I feel uncomfortable with getting $12 (after Fiverr’s cut) for all the work? I know I should have said something right away and I feel like I might be too far into this to ask… Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! And thanks for reading all of this!


I’ve had several similar situations before, and just recently I had a situation
where I accepted a gig, and after a while into it I realized it was way more than
what I thought it would be.
I clearly explained to the buyer why it was taking so long, I kept it as
professional as possible, and to be honest I had a very good reason why I can
charge them more.

As long as you have a very good reason ( and if you happen to have any proof
that you are spending a lot of time on it), I think it is perfectly fine to ask for more!


Thanks for your response! Unfortunately I don’t have definitive proof documenting the exact amount of time I’ve been working on this, but I did request a time extension explaining why I needed more time and the buyer approved it. Maybe that will help in that regard. Thanks again for your input! :smile:

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I believe you have every right to charge an additional fee(s), whatever that may be, because you are providing “additional” work that was not offered in the initial Gig. I understand that you have already started the work so in my opinion I think it would be fair to give them the Gig and everything you’ve done up until now for the $12 but any work moving forward on this project should be at an increased price. You never spoke up when they continued to add more work for you to do on the Gig so in their eyes there isn’t an issue. You have to decide whether or not your time, talent and knowledge are worth more than $12 for this project. They buyer could cancel/complain but that is a risk you have to take if you believe it’s fair to charge more. I hope it works out for you on whatever you decide.

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