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Is at least a reply considered good practice?

No reply despite umpteen messages to seller. No acknowledgement no reply to any messages or requests or ideas. Shocking.


We really can’t comment without context. Maybe your request is unjust or unethical? Maybe you were rude or entitled?

Because any of those situations would warrant not responding to you.

So we can’t comment without knowing facts and both sides and it is pointless to rant without context.


What on earth are you talking about? I placed an order and I’m a customer. You should ideally be removed from this platform for being so rude!

I know. I’m obviously talking about a buyer potentially being rude to a seller. Read what I wrote again.

I’m not being rude at all. I’m being pragmatic.

You want us to agree with you or at least have a comment despite you not giving us any facts.

I’m not saying you did any of those things. I’m saying those contexts would warrant a seller ignoring you. How is that rude? Goodness, you are abrasive.

But given your posts here I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that a seller wouldn’t want to get back to you.

It is YOU who is rude, not I.


How long have you given the seller to respond? Fiverr is a worldwide platform, perhaps they are sleeping. Freelancers do not work 24/7. :wink:


I know I’m not anxious to respond to “umpteen” messages.

That comes across to me like someone is pestering me.

That’s why I never check my voice mail.

If you have to bug me to get my attention, I probably am not interested in what you are trying to reach me for.

Sorry, but that’s my opinion.


it all depends, Im not assuming anything, but sending a text doesnt imply that you are a costumer, we would have to know the details within the context, if you could give us more details maybe we could help


To keep it simple I am just annoyed that after so many messages, a platform which Fiverr give a buyer (me) to communicate with the designer, isn’t being utilised.
After almost a dozen messages about various design ideas and music choices which I wanted to chat about even when I saw the seller was online, but totally refuse to communicate.

I haven’t done anything wrong other than to buy a service and today is the deadline for delivery but I’m not holding my breath that the delivery will be made.

As a disclaimer Fiverr have sent message that I can cancel my order if the buyer doesn’t come through in the deadline. Sort of misses the point. They seller had 3-4 days and today we will see if he’s bothered to complete my you tube intro outro.

you know, if the buyer hasnt contacted you it would be better to cancel, I would recommend to always try and contact the seller before placing an order

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The bad thing is sometimes an order will be placed automatically, which is the point of fiverr, but not so good since the services youre getting are content that need s to be created, so its better to stay in contact

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The guy has over 600 reviews and is a 2 rated seller. This is my first time using the service.

Im really sorry that you are having a bad experience, you could either try to contact the seller, or cancel the order, I really cant thing of any other way to solve the issue. But I can say that there are really good sellers, even though Im a seller myself theres been some people here that have been very helpful to me, some of them sellers and buyers, I do recommend to contact the seller via message before placing an order, thats always better


Im sorry I am not being of much help, but I hope your issue gets solved, anyway if nothing is delivered your money will be refunded and you can always contact costumer support

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If you’ve placed the order then it’s unprofessional that the seller hasn’t responded, especially after a reasonable amount of time. I would also support cancelling the order. If you’re paying money for a service, then you should be satisfied with it (once your requirements does not exceed what’s listed in the buyer’s description).


I paid for an unlimited changes service but to save time and save the gentleman the trouble and me the time, I just messaged him to let him know firstly that his portfolio was amazing.
I then messaged him with a choice of music o liked that was demonstrated in one of his portfolios.
It seems I am being criminalised for something which I’m not at fault over.
If contacting the designer is considered “bugging” then perhaps Fiverr should remove the chat service

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I was just giving my opinion.

I’m pretty sure you can understand that part.

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I believe looseink misundeerstood, I am very sorry though that your experience hasnt been good, I would really suggest to cancel the order or contact costumer support, I sure youll be able to get help and your money refunded. It is not a good practice to not communicate with a buyer.

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Actually, I did understand.

While it is unfortunate that this Buyer has had a bad experience, there is no excuse for sending “umpteen” messages…regardless of the reason.

Possibly the Seller has had a family emergency and has not been able to respond.

There are two sides to every story.

This original post is about just one of them.


well, in any case, this person came for advice, although I do see your point, it is not our place to judge, he wants to know what he can do about it, so what can be done is contact costumer support and cancel the order or wait for the seller to respond


Actually, re-read the original post.

There is no request for information.

Just a rant.


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