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Is AUTO Refrehser is legal on fiverr?

Is AUTO Refrehser is legal on fiverr to make your page updated?

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I think if you need to ask this, you already know the answer. Doing anything to manipulate your profile to gain orders would be against the terms. The “seller online” filter is created to help buyers find sellers who are currently available. It would not be wise to have buyers contacting sellers who are “online” yet receive no reply as it’s actually a refresh bot. This gives a bad impression and is very unhelpful for buyers.

You would be much better to just be active on Fiverr in general, regardless of your orders.


It’s not. I’ve read somewhere with the same topic that it can not be used. It was told that it was system abuse of always being online. I strongly recommend to not do that.

I agree it shouldn’t be used.

Though in the past CS has said it can be used as long as the seller replies on time whenever there’s a message.


CS said:

You could use Chrome auto-refresher for that as long as you reply on time whenever you receive a message

It’s potentially a way of staying online 24/7 which is against TOS as it would count as manipulating your profile and status.

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