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Is "Available Now" designed for Sellers or Buyers

I have to wonder if 5r created this concept with buyers or sellers in mind? Who will benefit more: the Buyers or the Sellers.

My thought. I need a 500-word article written about say college football, before Sunday. Right now, I have to scroll through many sellers to find out who is available. With “Available Now” – I can chat with the ones who are available to do it in a short period.

    • For buyer benefit
    • To help sellers get orders
    • I haven’t decided yet because _______.

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Definitely for sellers. I hope it rolls out faster to everyone.

I wlll like to vote for Option 4: For Byers & Sellers :v:


I considered putting that, then deleted it.

I feel like the two things that 5r did with (mostly) buyers in mind are the “Available Now” & “Team Account” - smart move.

I use Team Account all the time. It actually encourages me to many small purchases that I would not have done in the past – I also give more tips at the end of the order.

I feel like the Available Now will encourage many buyers to make the impulse purchase that they may not have otherwise.


With buyers sellers are getting benefit with it :wink: Sellers who have less sells will be top in the search. It will add a boost in the competition :wink:

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So, has Fiverr started rolling it out to everyone or is it still in the testing phase?

It’s a knife that cuts on both edges, so it’s very obvious.

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Well, it’s not available to me yet.

I would have loved to use it this weekend to get some 250 - 500 word articles written. Alas, I am not worthy of the “experiment.” :frowning_face:

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Absolutely! It’s definitely a positive addition.

Additionally, I prefer working with sellers who offer proper communication from the start to finish. The available now option rightfully allows those sellers to stand out above the rest!


Its unfair to those like me who are available for about ten hours continuously seven nights a week, but do not have that option available to them.


As far as I see it, it’s for sellers to use and for buyers to make use of:

  1. not many buyers will use this feature to make themselves available to sellers, as buyers just want to buy and get things done, and get their replies fast without caring about clicking any buttons to get fast replies

  2. most buyers will make use of this feature as a search filter

  3. since many sellers are buyers, implicitly it also becomes a feature for selling buyers to use besides just making use of

And with all the newer sellers always complaining and blaming the higher Levels for not getting orders and stuff themselves, this feature comes to real help for some of them as they get naturally ranked higher at times, and I honestly doubt this was just a coincidence or side effect of this feature.

Absolutely, it will help to sellers :slight_smile:

It will help new sellers who don’t have orders in limbo that never started like the rest of us have.

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Where is that “Available now” option? I can’t see it.