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Is average selling price matter a lot in gig ranking?

Hello community members, I am a new seller, got 5 orders recently, and completed. Currently, only I am sending buyer requests only to the higher budget project because I want to boost up the average selling price and already got another two higher prices job. I wanted to know from the experienced seller that Is average selling price matter a lot in gig ranking? In the long run, my strategy is positive or negative for my profile?


I also want to know its matter or not

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but lot people says that its matter

I am also confused only experience seller can give the valid answer.

I am a Top Rated Seller and the average price of your orders may be in some Fiverr algorithm but my guess is, no it doesn’t matter. Otherwise level one and two sellers would never show in searches. What matters is the quality of every step you take on this platform. I mean every communication, project, message, portfolio etc… needs to be as professional, authentic and positive as you can make it. You are wonderful even when no one is looking. I hope that makes sense.


No not at all. If you look you can see all prices are on the first page.

Yes you are exactly right.

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Thanks, for your valuable suggestions.