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Is "browse by categories" option in Buyers Requests gone?

So up until a couple of days ago, I would just filter the requests with “browse by categories” and choose appropriate category in which I’m interested in sending offers, but it has disappeared. Is this only me or did Fiverr remove this incredibly helpful option?

It really helped because it sifts through all the spammers and unnecessary offers. I sent a message to Fiverr, but so far no response. Thanks.

*I’m not sure if this is a bug, so I put it in Bugs category here, feel free to move it.

A reply from a Fiverr representative would be nice.

also face same problem .

Have the same problem. There is apparently no way to simply browse requests and check for anything that we’d be interested in. There used to be the little window with running requests, which is for some reason also gone.

Hoefully the explain and answeer.