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Is business slow for everyone?

Hi everyone. Usually I get a relatively constant stream of messages and orders. However, the last 5 or 6 days have been incredibly slow, hardly hearing from anyone, new or previous buyers.

Is everybody having the same experience right now? I can only assume it is down to the current situation so there is less call for freelancers.

Be good to understand if other sellers are feeling the pinch a bit


Yes mostly sellers are facing thus issue, i see new sellers are ranking a d i believe it is because Fiverr is testing their algorithm.

For May, May month was in a regular flow. June started with a slow move…

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I’m kind of glad it isn’t only me. There has definitely been something they’ve changed in June which certainly appears to have put me out of favour.

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Yep, sales dried away from like last 10-15 days. No new orders coming in neither any enquiries.

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My orders actually picked up a little. I am wondering about that algorithm test!

Same here.
Not even the existing customers are coming back.
No new orders since a week even though enquires are less.
Don’t know what is happening with Fiverr.

Also it’s been almost 20-25 days since the gig’s impression is missing.
Is this you guys are also facing?

I can’t keep up with all the work. June will be the best month of my life.

I just don’t know yet: This month Porsche or Ferrari?

Last 10 days don’t get any massage and Order. it’s very frustrating for new seller. ryrthom will back soon😍

Same here. Somehow the business is slow

Seems to have picked up again. Not sure what algorithm testing is happening at Fiverr but I’m getting very inconsistent business right now.

I’m a new seller who joined in May (around two weeks ago) and I haven’t got any business nor my Gig appears on search. I’m trying to get some business from Buyer requests.

I guess I picked wrong time to join…