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Is Buyer Request the only source of orders?

I’ve made about 200$ this month using only buyer requests section.

I was a very popular seller int he past(about 2 years back).

I used to get order left & right and my buyers loved my work. I had so many sales on my tip gig.

So my question is. Does it continue like this for me? or will i eventually get some of that fame back?


Here’s the link

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Well, I would say you answered your own question. Yes, buyers requests is where to go to drum up business. Your business did not just dry up. You dropped the ball and killed it in little ways, you know that, so don’t come the young prawn in here, mate (as they say in Australia). That being said, the quality of buyers you get from buyers requests can be good because a lot of them are repeat buyers and that’s how you sustain a business. Like all “gold rush” phases of a business, you took a lot of your repeat customers for granted, and they went elsewhere. Or maybe they just didn’t need you anymore. Adapt, grow, overcome.

Reply to @webtelly: Hmm, yeah that makes sense.

But i am confused about the fiverr system.

Since i was offline for a long time and my gig was paused, it has lost its position in the listing.

And after completing so many orders and getting good reviews this month, i haven’t got a single new order (apart from buyer requests).

Does it generally take a lot of time for a gig to be anywhere near the front few pages of search results, keeping in mind that i have more than 700 positive reviews already.

I don’t know what the rules of visibility are. I just keep hoping I stay up there. If something changes, then I am prepared to pull out all of my tools to keep business flowing.

Reply to @kjblynx: I see that you left fiverr for a "more welcoming & better managed site"

Do you mind me asking the reason? and which site did you join?


I’ve sent 151 offers and created 14 orders, so while I appreciate the money it makes, it’s hardly a reliable source of income.

As for you, making $200 just from buyer requests is very impressive. Are you getting $50 orders or just the usual $5 ones?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: it wouldn’t have been possible without the gig extras.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: It’s still impressive, I was just trying to do the math in my head of how many orders it took to generate $200. My own goal is to make $100 a day, but it’s not always possible, even with gig extras. A $45 order is rare, when I get gig extras, I make $8 or $15, sometimes if I’m lucky I make $25 per order. Yesterday I had to do 11 orders to make $76.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Well since i work on such specific requests, people tend to offer extra money for the extra effort. Plus i got a few tips for job well done.

Atleast you get your orders without any hassle. For me it’s like going for fishing everyday, I never know how many buyers will i get & this is not how i used to work.

I tried contacting fiverr staff but they don’t cater to individual requests.

I hope they move me back into the search results.

btw, How many impressions do you get on your gig on avg/day ?

Thanks <3

Reply to @advertiser_seo: There are some hassles, some clients PM you before ordering anything. The amount of orders I get also varies. I did get lucky with Headlines, Radio, then Teespring, then Brand names.

You should create more gigs. Logos are a crowded category, that’s why some GD’s are offering vintage logos and other types of logos to distinguish themselves. Visit the Fiverr blog and learn about Newbold3d, he makes $100,000+ a year with graphic design.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I was planning on doing that once i started getting sales on atleast one gig.

I’m still waiting for that…

& yes i know about newbold3d. He’s an inspiration.