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Is buyer serious to post 3d custom logo animation for $5 to $25


Hello Awesome People

I have been noticed in buyer request that 80% of request from buyers are under $50 and they asking for Unique, Custom and 4K animations, this is not fair at all, even some request are for 3d animation and their budget are Incredibly Low.

few months back i was getting messages from serious buyers through my inbox but notice that now its been 3-4 months i did not received any message and my views are getting lower every day. so is that not because i am not sending buyer request anymore.


Should I low-ball my gig?

Don’t undersell yourself. Just wait- either buyers will get tired of poor quality or sellers will get burned out from doing too many underpaid orders.


Hi, AK!

BR is a hit or miss.

Whenever you submit an offer, just because the requester slaps up a $5 or $10 budget.
It doesn’t mean you can’t submit a fair rate. Submit :heavy_dollar_sign: that you think is fair for you.
Obviously, some Buyers are unrealistic with their budget and want the :waxing_crescent_moon: nd the :star2: and the galaxy, too. It just doesn’t work that way.

Know your worth!


This may be the single best bit of advice for any new seller.

If you (referring to a new seller) don’t value your own skills and services, how can you possibly expect someone else to value what you do as well? New sellers need to stop scraping the bottom of the barrel. No one is forcing you to dig in the mud. Find the price point that reflects your valuable services, and start there.

You’ll get dirty and ignored in the mud, but you’ll shine and get noticed in the sun.


Buyer requests is where businesses go to die by virtue of copyright infringement firing squad.

Leave that miserable place and work instead to find a different way to market your wares.


Yea I only deal with serious buyers never did low budget projects.


Agreed yes I do send offers with fair budget and also let buyer know about if he hire low budged freelancer he may get worse animation/design or templates etc


Send offers with the value that you think is fair. Some serious buyers will contact you, even if their initial budget is lower than your offer, they might want to hear what you have.

Good luck.


Yeah I do that, I just completed 160 projects with 69 average rate my animation gigs average is 120+, but just i am surprised when i see that type of request, few months back guy was asking 5 intros for $5, can you believe this :(,


It happens, just don’t get disappointed, eventually real buyers will come.
Yesterday, a buyer asked me to create a macro for exactly $7 …
I just refused, and directed him to my gig’s packages, so he/she skipped.

Just be patient and value your our work.