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Is BYOB still there?

I saw the BYOB on the FAQ page but could not find the button anywhere. Is it not accessible now?


It is explained here:

Same here, I didn’t see any button like BYOB. Some can answer this question “Is BYOB still there?

The Bring Your Own Business (BYOB) program is a new Fiverr initiative open to select sellers and offers a way to manage all your client projects, free of commission.

The above is from the article in the post above yours.

But, how can i get that feature?

If you haven’t been selected you can’t have it as the article explains.

Does you get that feature?

The BYOB feature is alive and well.

It’s not available to all sellers just yet though.


I don’t have that feature in my acount mybe they disable it or it’s not for all users