Is cancellation better than negative ratting?


I know but not sure if cancellation better than negative ratting?And how effective?


I think, is better not to make this 2 things happen :smiley:
it will still dropping your account status rate.


Sellers with a 4-star rating aren’t going to sell much of anything. Sellers with a 20% cancellation rate will.

Neither is good.



Last month I cancelled 3 orders so my completed rate is now 82%.I am too much worried.One buyer ordered by mistake.One get delivered then cancelled and another doesn’t give requirement so I cancelled.What should I do?


Nothing. Chances are those things won’t happen to you this month.


Will it hamper of getting new orders?


It may affect your ranking in the search. However, if you have a low star-rating, you won’t sell anything regardless of where you come up in the search. In my category, there is a level-2 seller who comes up consistently on the top line of the search for my keywords but he has only done 1 job (one 1 rating, anyway) in the last 2 weeks because he let a few late orders ruin his 5-star rating.


my positive ratting is 97%.But I am not getting job as much I should get.Can I do anything to boost my sales?Should I marketing for boost using some money?


Don’t worry so much about your cancellation rate. Yes, try not to cancel, but if you do have to cancel for some reason, it’s not going to kill your rating. We all have to cancel orders from time to time. It’s a part of doing business here on Fiverr. It happens.

Make it your goal, though, to complete all orders to the best of your ability. THIS is what will make or break you as a seller. Quality of work is the most important thing to be concerned with here on Fiverr. Always go for high quality deliveries. Your seller reputation is far more important than your cancellation rate.


And there are lots of things you could do - and need to do - to edit your profile and gigs. Design as a field where you can have gobs of typos and still do well. There are some design gigs with thousands of ratings where the title itself is butchered. Still, you need to have a native English speaker take a look at your stuff.

The real problem, and I think it is so bad that I wonder how you got as many reviews as you have, is that your thumbnails are uninspiring. Your T-shirt design picture is not actually a T-shirt. Your “incredible amazing” banner thumbnail simply isn’t.

I don’t really understand your best-selling gig, but maybe that’s because it’s technical, or maybe because it really doesn’t make sense and you bought the reviews on that one. Based on their exuberant comments, your reviewers are either fake customers, or they were trying hard to look that way.


Thanks for recommendation.I will change those thing.And will put something special in it.


I think so! Don’t want any negative reviews. They are the plague.


I think t-shirt gig is okay now.What do you say Sir?