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Is Christmas affects sales?


Happy new year everyone at first , so does Christmas really affect the sales and orders ?

No orders in this season

I also had the same doubt. I guess its because most of the people in western countries take a break from their work during this season. But its not dead. Just a tiny bit of affect may be.


Here is a question from other perspective,
selling or buying affects Christmas celebrating time ?? :slight_smile:


Sure! Many customers also want to finish their projects before ending year!! :sweat_smile:


Yes! Christmas effect because most of people take break from their work


Merry Christmas BTW!!!



yes really christmas effects because holidays means holidays…:relaxed:


Yeah they do affect.


thanks to all of you guys , thank god it affects sales i will go take a break on the beach :joy::joy::joy:
happy new year to all of you and hope we make more money in the next year :rofl::rofl:


It depends. Some people advertise something at the last minute, or want their project finished before the end of the year, or need stuff done for their private project (and because of Christmas, have time to work on it), or need some last minute gifts or greeting cards or…

Depending on what you’re selling and whether you’re good at it, you might sell a lot during the holidays.

Or, perhaps, some other time of the year is more lucrative for your specific niche.


How dare these buyers have time of with their families. The nerve of it the Chutzpah! :wink:


i am not yet getting customer’s ! Long holidays i guess…


Actually, It depends on your product. Most of the people are buying a new dress for this festival. So, If someone designing T-shirt in fiverr then he may have a good sell at this time. On the other side From my experience I can say that most of the buyers want to complete all of their projects before Christmas and new year. Because they want to spend time with their family without focusing on others. For this Christmas affect the sales and orders in few percents.


Yep everyone is traveling or with family right now.


Remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Others celebrate other holidays at this time of year or even nothing at all. I don’t expect it to have much effect.


In my country all is paused for Christmas and New Year, after that the business restart again.


Merry Christmas - taking time off is important for sellers and buyers - and a Happy New Year!

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It’s important to take a break, spend time with family during the Christmas season and get back feeling renewed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night.


It kinda depends on the services being provided … like Xmas is not really a festival for clients in the east, and if you and your competitors offer service in the west, you will effectively have less competition if you continue to provide your services throughout the Xmas days.