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Is converting a copyrighted photo to a drawing a copyright infringement?

Hi - bit of a newbie here. Have put in an illustration design request, and found that the design that the seller delivered looks to be simply a photograph with a photoshop pencil effect applied.

We were able to identify the original photo via Google, and it appears that it is copyrighted on a stock photo site.

We have paid for this design for commercial use, so we’re a little concerned regarding whether we might be infringing upon the copyright ownership of the original photograph’s owner should we use it on our products.

The seller has reassured us that redrawing photos that are made like art is fine - I’m a little skeptical.

Would the hive mind/ more enlightened be able to confirm/ allay my fears?

Thank you!!!



If the seller doesn’t have the licence to edit a photo, it will still be copyright infringement no matter of the edits they’ve done.


No that’s not fine, drawing on top of the photo or tracing it in illustrator still copyright infringement.
I doubt that he himself bout a commercial licence for it and even if so you would also need to purchase the same licence for yourself from that stock website. (And on top of that seller had no right to sell commercial copyrights to something that he didn’t originally created)

On your place I would’ve contact fiverr support and asked for money back (they are quite serious with copyright infringement)


Correct me if am wrong.
I think if you take a copy righted photo and manipulate it when you dont have the licence to it, and turn it into totally something else, will not the trigger the alarm. cause you are not using the same image anymore.

Sorry but you are wrong.

Please see the posts above yours for more information.


what will happen if I send a picture to my client without checking about its copy right status. Is my Gig be removed if copy right did not allow use/ reproduction of this photo?

How can you not know if you created picture yourself or not?
If you didn’t create it yourself then downloading it from the internet is just stealing.


like I just send some random picture…according to my requirement after just google it

Is there a possibility of Gig removal on this issue, actually something like this happened to one of my fellow freelancer. I thought I should ask expert opinion

I already answered your question. Downloading pictures from google is stealing and your gig not only can be removed but also your account banned.
All content that you are sending to your client should be original and created by YOU


Thanks for clarification… So he actually got kicked out:sweat_smile:

I will let him know this bad news

We don’t know whether that person was already banned, or will get banned in the future.

Just as we don’t know whether you’re talking about another person, or, considering that your account is brand new and you have neither gigs nor clients, you’re actually talking about your old account.

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