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Is Corona Virus Pandemic affecting orders in fiverr?

I used to get 10+ orders a month. Everything was going so well but suddenly in end of May I stopped getting orders like I used to get. last month I got only one order.

Is Corona Virus Pandemic really directly or indirectly affecting Orders?


Yes I beleive something has changed as I’ve had other sellers reach out with the same issues. It’s very common right now. Hoping that this changes soon


Its frustrating , Don’t know when it gonna be normal again … :worried:

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You have literally multiple topics about this and one pinned.


Why this topic?

There are many reasons why your sales levels could rise or fall. Let’s not get into the habit of conveniently blaming the Covid pandemic for everything. I’ve been seeing a lot of sellers doing this lately. Perhaps your competitors are doing a better job winning over your potential clients. Maybe there just isn’t as much demand for your services, or perhaps your service offering has grown a bit stale, and needs to be updated. Maybe your gig has entered rotation in the search results, and isn’t being seen by as many people as before. Are you doing any self-marketing? Are you doing anything on your own to connect to your target customers?

If things aren’t going as well as they once were, perhaps there are things that YOU can do to turn things back around. Trying to find something else to blame for the low sales isn’t a productive way to improve your success.


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