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Is COVID19 affect the fiverr?

Is COVID19 affect the fiverr or just i am not seeing buyer request most frequently?
Hope all of you are in good health and doing work from home, thats why we all are here on this successful platform.
Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi Mirus

Thanks for reaching out!
Yes the pandemic seem to be affecting everything including fiverr.


Yes i am getting not orders but yesterday i get 3 orders of about $70


My gig impressions did go down… they’re getting back up, fortunately.


Same here fibocci. I noticed that also

It depends on what you sell mostly.

There are other things that affect it more.

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good on you mate. keep up the good work

Yes alot of things are being updated on news channel about COVID19. Especially european countries italy, spain, germany and france.

Everythink is okay may be…

Very hopeful , yesterday I get 1 order of $10. I am waiting for good day.


I think so. Most companies have taken a break from paying writers to write content for them. On the flip side, some have doubled down. Depends


I am a new seller. After a long wait I got my first order three weeks ago. I completed the job with five star review and got another job from the same client. After that I am waiting for my next order. My client says me that he will give me more work when this situation will under control.


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Yes, It’s true due to coronavirus buyer request are not getting frequently. I hope everyone are doing well !!!


Yes the buyer request and clients both not coming on fiverr.
I’m also not getting order due to COVID-19

At month on Feb 2019 there are around 500 buyer request but now these days there are only 300 buyer request.
Please everyone stay at home stay safe.

thank you

I am new seller. i think i will good work on the fiverr platform.

Hope you keep getting more orders despite COVID19.

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Best of luck for future

not so much
only 2 or 3 days after get order

thank you