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Is creating account and staying for too long without order going to affect your perfomance?

I created my account earlier 2019, I however wasn’t serious enough with fiverr untill recently when I created my new gigs. I have realised they are not perfoming so well as I have only one message in a month with no orders. What are your insights?


I don’t think that buyers know when your gig was created. They know when was your last delivery, but if you didn’t have any deliveries so far, that they might assume that you have a new gig that was made recently. I’d say it’s nothing to worry about too much, although that might depend on how much recently you created the gig.
My first order was 4 months after I created the gig. Although I did have some people messaging me without ordering anything.

You can sometime see that last delivery was 1 or 2 months ago, and that might scare people, misleading them to think the seller is not very active. Which is why I should think that the profile should say when was the last time a seller logged in. A seller who was active 12 hours ago is probably active, even if their last delivery was 2 months ago. A seller who last logged in 12 months ago, has possibly gave up.


Thank you, atleast it now clears my worries. My gigs are just past 1month old now, think its still normal for the low perfomance

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It really depend on what services you offer, and what your gigs look like.
I would also say that between my first and second order I had to wait more than a month. (Some people on the other hand, got their first order in less than a week).
It might be a good idea to post a link to your gig, so that people would be able to give you feedback on how to improve it.


Really appreciate your insight sir, helpfull. Here’s my gig please go through them and give me tips, one of my gigs has an order already but that is just a client I brought to fiverr myself. Thanks

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