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Is customer service dead?

I have been a seller on for less than 3 months now. I have had a few customers and I have a 100% 5 star rating so far. I make it a priority to communicate with my buyers and to give them absolute courtesy and respect. Even the two orders I turned down involved me being completely respectful to the buyers.

This week I was in the position of becoming a buyer myelf. I needed help with math and tried to hire somebody to assist me. The first person I hired listed English as his native language but it became clear after he emailed me for more info about the math problem that he barely spoke English at all. I had to Cancel my order with him due to his lack of understanding.

Two more sellers turned me down and did so in a rude fashion. Essentially telling me not to waste their time with a low offer. They also seemed to have trouble with English. Well the first one had trouble, the second one was an English speaker with no writing skills.


Dismissive, rude comments about how I shouldn’t have wasted their time with my offer seems like pathetic customer service to me. Asking my offering price with the following sentence, “how much you give me fors it?” seems to be a monumental abuse of the English language that the buyer claimed to be able to speak in his profile.

I’m not saying that it is wrong to turn down an offer that you think is too low, I’m just wondering how many other people have had to deal with rude sellers? And, I’ll say it again…HOW THE HECK ARE PEOPLE MAKING MONEY ON THIS SITE IF THEY ARE BEING RUDE TO CUSTOMERS AND MISREPRESENTING THEMSELVES IN THEIR PROFILE?

Thanks for your time.

Please don’t categorize all sellers as being rude from your experience with a few. You ask the question how they are making money? My guess is that the ones you dealt with are not making money or very little. As a buyer I have the luxury of giving my dollars to those who treats me with respect. Those who don’t, don’t get my dollars.

I entirely agree with @steveeyes on what really happens. Some sellers will get a few reviews by begging or bribing people for them. The ones who don’t treat real buyers with respect are very unlikely to make longer term money here. They often end up on the forum griping about “why i got no sells dear.”

Don’t Worry about such type of situations because some people only knows only some sentences of English like “how much you will give me” or “don’t waist my time” “i not doing this order” even these sentences are wrong grammatically.

For the record, this post was written when I was very, very annoyed after my 3rd seller responded to me in poor English with poor manners. This post is, I’m not proud to say, a rant! A complaint fest! A “What is wrong with the world?” lament by an old man. It is not an accusation levelled at every single seller on fiverr as some of you seem to think it is. LOL.

I am aware that there are many sellers that have good customer service skills. This entire post was more a way for me to vent about the few that are terrible. I know that I just had some bad luck with the few I found. Most sellers are worthwhile on this service and are very polite. I will say that I still think that sellers being terrible with the English language is a big problem. I’ve seen some profiles for proofreading that are grammatically incorrect and phrased in the awkward, stilted manner of someone who’s not familiar with the language.

I don’t understand the logic of this. Why pretened on your profile that you’re familiar with a language when you clearly speak it as a second language? I speak very, very basic Spanish. You know what I don’t do? I don’t offer a gig translating Spanish into English. BECAUSE I AM NOT A SPANISH SPEAKER!!! But others don’t seem to feel the same way.

Anyway…my rant is over. I’m calm now. I found a good seller to complete my gig. I appreciate the fiverr community and their comments (all of which were polite…yay!).

Onward to better things.

Reply to @dasoldierman32:

Glad to hear that you found someone who could complete your gig. So often we hear buyers complain that ALL sellers on Fiverr are terrible - putting everyone in a bubble. This, I am sure, is the reason others felt the need to mention that not all sellers are bad. It’s like we have to prove ourselves to them. You are a rarity to understand this… at least from our perspective. We genuine sellers appreciate that!

Good luck in all your endeavors!

Emeraldawnn…I’m a seller too. That’s primarily what I am on fiverr to do. I had one issue that required me to seek out a buyer. The rest of the time I’m doing my best to sell. So, I don’t want all sellers to be painted with the same brush either. Its just that my first experience trying to find a buyer required me to contact 4 different people because the first 3 were rude and bad at communicating in English. I was just surprised/annoyed by that and felt like venting.

Completely and utterly understand… We all need to vent from time to time! :slight_smile:

customer service has been unresponsive lately

Reply to @inspiredtony: If you read the thread a bit more carefully, it is primarily about the customer service that sellers on Fiverr provide to their buyers.

I actually haven’t experience a complete lack of response from Fiverr CS either. They aren’t great at doing anything with the forums but personally my tickets have been answered within a few days. Good luck with yours! :wink: