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Is Data entry work now very difficult to find in fiverr

I am a freelancer looking for my first work on Fiverr but the value is 0.Making new gigs will not help me at all.
what could I do?
Are Fiverr promoting the old and famous freelancers?
That is not good for the new freelancer like me waiting for 5 months but not getting my first work. For new people, It seems harder and harder to get work on Fiverr.

what are others thought???


What you could do is clarify the gig description in the data entry gig. Maybe adjust the delivery times eg. you could add an extra fast (1 day) delivery time option. Maybe show an example image showing example data entry that you’ve done (spreadsheet image).

You know what? I will just copy paste my answer on your previous topic here because there is no point creating duplicated topics. No one owes a success. It’s your job to make yourself discredit and with that attitude you wouldn’t get far.

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For data entry job buyers will obviously look for the trusted sellers who have high ratings or so. Here what you can do is offer something extra that other sellers are not providing and you have to make your gig perfect .

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it takes time to build something good.