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Is december a slow month for you too?


I have noticed a huge drop in orders this month. To be specific I only got 1 order yet since the start of this month. It seems that it does not matter to be on level 2. Also there is no response from the buyers when I make an offer in “buyer requests” section.
Are you experiencing the same thing or there is something wrong with my gig?


It’s better than November which was about 1/4 of my normal revenue and it was scary.


Looks like you had some luck.


@mrhighsky definitely, because overall I had much less orders but a few of them where highly paid, but overall it’s worst than it was a year ago, as far as I remember.


I only received good orders till this summer, after that it was all down hill.


Yes, actually September was the worst month of this year for me.


December is always a slow month on Fiverr, I guess it can kind of depend on how much you sell per month, TBH Anything below $5k is a slow month for me personally. But, January, Feb and March are always super busy. So relax over the holidays and prep yourself :pray:


Very slow the past month for me. Only 5 orders…


I would consider myself lucky if I get any close to $5k. For it is just $5 in this month for me.


more slow and less work :frowning: but again hop is here


Mate, if my month would be $5k I would be a king. Come visit Poland :wink:
I am happy when it’s $800!


yes u are right but wish this month will be happiest month december


As usual December is less work month.


If I ever get $5k I will never work anywhere else. Probably will take a vacation for a month too :astonished:


Yeah hope is what keeps us going.


Last year I did a lot better, this year I’m making 50% less compared to December 2015.


Yes, December is kinda low on orders but it’s a good thing too.
You don’t have to worry about completing all before Christmas for a happy holiday.

However, if you noticed such a drop in your orders you can always edit the gigs, update them, add more features, drop the price or make new packages and so on.

Good luck and wish you all the best on 2017!


Hi, Actually for us it turned out that entire 2016 was slow year :slight_smile: haha. Looking forward to having serious activity in the new 2017.

Happy holidays to everyone.


Yep it is a slow month because of Christmas. Every body is so busy so fiverr is quite low in terms of orders in December.


actually for me, December is great! I’ve received a few job offers even during holidays. I guess people need a Virtual Assistant even during holidays or they probably want to finish tasks before NewYear
I think it really depends on what you are selling here.