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Is December bad for sellers?


Hi Fiverr Sellers,

Beginning with this December it’s noted my all views dropped and sales also. It’s a considerable change comparing with this year. So I want to know it’s only for me or it’s a general thing in December. Let’s share your experience too.



Many business clients wrap up their year-end plans and take vacations in December, so a lot of sellers do experience a slow time. It usually gets worse in the last half of December and then picks up as businesses gear up for a new year in January.

There are some service types that may see a boost in December, but it’s usually more personal ones that might be useful for holiday purposes or business needs that apply to holiday sales and advertising.


Yeah , December slow down sales


Yep around mid month it drops.


Good information. Sellers should take holiday also. We all need the break.


Hi… Yes… it happens. Year end marks drop of businesses as its Holiday mood all over the world.


Good answer :slight_smile:


good info :slightly_smiling_face:


December is the perfect time for trip. so it can be happen.:heart_eyes:


I am not sure rather believe on this. As I don’t see any drop, for me its just picked up in December :slightly_smiling_face:


Very Slow, I only got one order.


Thanks all for sharing your valuable ideas & experience. I was thinking if there were any wrong with my rating or something. Now I realized thats all happened just because of nature of this holiday season. Should arrange a trip :joy::joy:


Yeah bro , too bad ! -50% of earning or more than that :!


Need to prepare for new year Bro!


Thanks for your support!


Depressing Month for sellers!!




Bad month so far to me just one small order for me


This month is going normally for me . but last month was very low sale and bad for me .


I wouldn’t take your eyes off Fiverr. I have always experienced more work on Fiverr through the holidays than I receive from local business. Many businesses are ramping up to start new launches in January.

You may be one of the few sellers paying attention in your category. :slight_smile: