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Is deleting a negative feedback is a good idea..?


Three days ago i got a negative feedback from one of my client because of some misunderstanding. Now he wants to change it but time limit for feedback removal is over so he can’t. I can remove it with the help of customer support because the buyer is also agree to remove it. I just want your suggestion is this a good idea to remove it or leave it like this?

Thanks in advance.

No, let them remove it especially in the case that it was out of a misunderstanding and that you’ve settled it thus the buyer being happier and more positive of the work. Negative feedback is bad to keep especially that it hurts a seller’s ratings… pushing us to always deliver our best work.

unless… you want to keep it? :-/


If it’s from misunderstanding you should remove it since it hurts you only. But if you got negative feedback for reason(reasonable feedback, not hate) I guess you should leave it and respond to it like you will do better in time or something like that. That way people will know that you are only HUMAN and not a machine and I don’t think that it will scare your customers. People like to buy from people not from machines or am I wrong?