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Is delivery not supposed to pause order time?

I delivered an order with 18 hours left. Buyer comes back 2 days later for a revision, and the order is showing 2 days late. Why is this happening. Am i the only one witnessing this?. Doesn’t the order time stop anymore?

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As long as you delivered the original order on time, you do not have to worry about what it says on the timer after that (in case of a revision).

As long as you have delivered the original order on time, your on-time delivery will not be affected even if it says LA:TE in the timer during revisions.

It does not stop, but it doesn’t matter either. Of course, you should deliver as soon as possible to make your client happy, but there is no penalty for that big “LATE” sign on your dashboard. As long as you delivered the original on time, you’re fine.

Hanshuber16 typed a bit faster than I did. :slight_smile:


Thanks. This was not so originally

Hi @morischesnut,

Fiverr’s programmers are the ones to be penalized for late delivery on correcting this, and other program issues, that we all have to deal with… :joy:


I totally agree. Off late, my ‘on time delivery’ has dropped

The only way your on-time delivery rate dropping, is upon really delivering orders late. Time spent on revisions don’t count.

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I beg to differ. I deliver orders on time, but revisions has dropped my ’ on time delivery’. never have i had my on time delivery dropped so low as it is now on the order timer not pausing after delivery.

If that what you say is true (I’m no one to doubt your words), I would suggest you contact CS. They are the only ones to help you with this issue.

If you don’t mind, please keep us updated in this matter if you decide to reach CS.

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