Is earnings still visible?



Few days ago i have seen that you can see how much clients pays people under the gig when he/she leave a feedback there is a price, but now i can’t can someone tell me if fiverr decide to hide this option or what?

Thanks and wish everyone a successful new year


I wonder too if people can see what the average price is on each gig, and if people can still see what each reviewer paid for their order.

I never could see that.


Thanks,i guess they have deleted that option or something? i was able to see it,but now i’m not.


Thanks for answering, do you know when it was they stopped it?


I still can see the amount of the order next to each review.


You can still see this? How odd that the rest of us can’t.

You are very lucky.


Interesting, do you think this is a good thing? :roll_eyes:


Yes…still i can see.


if people can still see what each reviewer paid for their order.


I can not see for almost a month.


You should ask fiverr team :wink:


@carineb Maybe you have been favored for this special gift in some way. :trophy:


I can still see the prices too


@jeanvictor @carineb Have you purchased many gigs for $5?


I actually did but not many


@jeanvictor Ah-ha! How many is not many?


Like 3-4 gigs


I see… maybe that is why. They are alerting people who buy a few $5 gigs that they should pay more. Just a wild guess. But that would probably be the majority of buyers… the mystery continues.


But i only see it in some profiles


What about mine?